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Bonus Features

Client Launch

Congratulations to the Bangor Public Library in launching your new website! BPL has been involved in the community since their opening date in 1911. This historic library recently underwent an extensive renovation and opened many new meeting and business centers for patrons to rent.


Glimpse - A Look Book by Studio Linear

In March 2017 we began designing a look book magazine to showcase our creative side, displaying projects we have worked on, our process, highlighting our clients and featured posts about local interests. We are still in the design phase of this publication and will be launching this summer. 



Studio Linear
Client Launch - Maine Wood Floors

Congratulations to Maine Wood Floors in launching your new website! For over 30 years, Don Dickel has been the owner of Don Dickel Wood Floors and came to us for a rebrand and new website in addition to other services. 


Studio Linear
Client Launch - Happy Endings Martini Bar

Congratulations to Happy Endings Martini Bar on launching your new website! We have been working with Happy Endings for Brand Identity, Menu Design, Interior Design, Photography and this new website. 


Studio Linear
Client Launch - Maine QBS

Congratulations to Maine QBS for launching your new website! We worked with Maine QBS in developing a new website that needed to be responsive and have important documents for Maine residents to take advantage of for upcoming building projects. 


Studio Linear
Client Launch - Yury Nabokov

Congratulations to our client, Yury Nabokov for launching your new business The Digital Maverick. We had a wonderful time working on the branding, photography and a new website for Yury. 


Studio Linear
New Hire - Sara Pullen

Growing up in New England and amongst a creative family, Sara has always had a knack for all things artistic. Delving into screen printing, block printing and graphic design, her style is edgy, bold and out of the box.


Studio Linear
Client Launch - Blue Hill Coop

We had such a great time working with the Blue Hill Coop on a rebrand of their business. The Blue Hill Coop has been a fixture of that region for over 30 years. We were hired to give their existing branding a facelift. We wanted to keep in mind their existing logo and not stray too far but wanted to give a modern touch. 


Studio Linear
Client Launch - Bangor Ballet

Congratulations to Bangor Ballet for the launch of their new, e-commerce website! We were hired to create a new website for the ballet that allowed the sale of tickets online. 

Studio Linear
Business Trip - NYC

This summer, we ventured to New York City for a client meeting/photoshoot. Our client is a musician in New York and we have been hired to develop a new website in addition to photography for marketing. 


Studio Linear
New Hire - Interns

We are very happy to welcome 2 new interns to Studio Linear, Kelsey Grass and Jillian Wilson. Kelsey is an art major at UMASS Art and Jillian is a marketing major at Husson University. 


Studio Linear
Community - Street Piano

We were very excited to launch another Street Piano in downtown Bangor, Maine. With the help of Rusted Raven furniture and friends and family, we rolled out our second Street Piano for the public to enjoy. 


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