Studio Linear - Boutique Creative Agency





1. What platform do we use for our websites?

Years ago, we used to design and build in Wordpress. We found this platform to be cumbersome and it was not user friendly for our clients. We did a little research and found that one of the top trending platforms for new websites is Squarespace. Intrigued, we looked into Squarespace and it was love at first site. We have been using Squarespace for over 3 years now and not only do we love it, our clients do too. We are part of the Squarespace Circle which is a fancy term meaning we are specialists in our field. Using this platform enables us to offer free training with our clients to teach them how to edit their very own site and it also enables us to charge a fair price.

2. What is included in a website?

All of our sites have unlimited pages, images, and text. You can have video integration, slideshows, newsletter and calendar. All sites are responsive (mobile friendly). All websites will be integrated with any social media you have. We build e-commerce (online stores) websites as well and your online shop can be linked to Stripe, Paypal and Apple Pay. There is a commerce app developed by Squarespace you can download and use to help manage your store for free. We also offer free consultations and free training once your website is finished. We help you buy or transfer your domain, set up emails, build your social media pages and develop content for your new website. We have a photographer on staff to shoot amazing photos for your new website as well. 

3. Are there expensive hosting and updating fees after my website is completed?

Absolutely not. Hosting is done with Squarespace and is between $12 and $40 per month when paid annually depending on what type of website you have. We provide free training so that you will know how to update your own website and if you are ever in need of help, we are here for you! 

4. What is an average timeframe for projects? 

Our branding packages can take roughly 4-6 weeks to complete from design phase to delivery of final product. A website package takes 30-45 days from design phase, build time, meetings, training session and going live. We expect our clients to be ready when we start these projects with content and imagery in addition to providing feedback in a timely manner so that timeframes can be adhered to. If you have a more complex website, it may take longer than the projected timeframe but we will let you know as the project develops. 

5. Is there a deposit for projects?

We require a 25% deposit to start all projects in addition to a contract that will explain the scope of work.

6. Do we require monthly or yearly contracts?

We have one contract that our clients sign at the beginning of every project and that is it. Monthly or yearly contracts in this day in age are ridiculous. We feel that you should have the choice on what you want to do with your investment so for all of our projects, you are never bound to us with a contract, no fees, no bs. 

7. How should you get ready for a new project?

After our kick off meeting, we expect our clients to be ready in entering this working relationship together. That means that we require content such as text and imagery (if you are not having our photographer work with you) when requested so that we can adhere to the timeframe. Be ready with your ideas, your vision and any concerns you have! 

8. What does the process look like once you decide to hire Studio Linear?

We start with the design phase, we work with our clients so that you have a direct working relationship with us as we create your products. If we are working on a website, once the design phase is complete, we start the build process and will send you a temp link to your new site. We then take your feedback and adjust the site accordingly. Once it is complete, it is ready to go live. If we are working on branding, after the first round of concepts, we take your feedback and apply it to the next round. Typically the branding process takes three rounds to finalize your branding. Once it is complete, we will share via Dropbox. If hiring for photography, we arrange a time for a photoshoot and listen to your vision and will recommend additional shots that we feel will work well on the platforms we are designing for you. Once your photoshoot is complete, your photos will be available for download online.  

9. What do our packages cost? 

Take a look at our pricing page for some of our packages. If you do not see a price listed for what you are interested in, reach out to us for a custom quote. 

10. What happens after a website goes live?

After a website goes live, we have our training session to teach you how to edit your own website. We also will talk with you about ways you can market your new website and answer any questions you have. We are always on call for questions you may have on your new site. 

11. Who will you work with on your project?

We are a sister owned and operated business. You will not be bounced around from account manager to project manager etc. You work directly with the owners.

12. Do we travel for projects? 

We sure do. We have clients all over the state of Maine but also in Boston, NYC, Chicago, Seattle and beyond. We strive to be able to meet with our clients in person but if that is not feasible, we use computer sharing and conference calls to bridge the gap. Of course, if you wish to meet in person and have the budget to fly us to you, our bags are packed and we will gladly meet with you.