The Client

Nomad Noe is a luxury candle brand based in London and NYC. Their porcelain candles are hand poured in France and are truly a one-of-a-kind statement of art. Each candle is based off of a historic character for each region represented in the 5 candle identities. 


Candle Packaging, Custom Collages, Lookbook

 Objective + Solution

We were asked to develop package designs that could tell the story of each historic figure in addition to displaying elements of that region. The 5 geographic locations were: Hangzhoa, Isfahan, Tasmania, Bahia and London. Each location not only has a character and backstory related to it, it has a keyword to summarize the vision behind each character. It was our job to take this information and create a design to capture this. We chose to research the terrain for each location and create an abstract terrain to mimic what we found for each location.

We then took the stories of the characters in addition to the ingredients used in the candle fragrances, to create custom collages for digital and print marketing.