The Client

Katahdin Coffee Company is a Maine based business that started in 1975. With the state's largest mountain as it's iconic image, Katahdin Coffee is a simple cup of joe, for the average joe. 


Identity / Branding / Web Design / Package Design / Signage / Print Materials

Objective + Solution

Katahdin Coffee approached us with the task of rebranding their business and developing an updated package design that had it's Maine roots at heart. Founded almost 40 years ago, they had an existing look to the brand yet wanted something that could speak to the next generation of coffee mongers. For the branding, we took a silhouette of Mnt. Katahdin and tied that in with a rugged, bold font. We also developed a new identity, switching from Katahdin Specialty Roasters to Katahdin Coffee Company. For the packaging, we researched elements used in Baxter Maine, the park that surrounds Mt. Katahdin. We looked at old badges the park rangers wore for the shape of the coffee sticker on the bags. We also used old topography maps of the region on the bags. We pulled inspiration from Field Notes such as using similar font families and also creating a label on the new bags that were of the same lined paper found in the notebooks. We also included facts about Maine's flora and fauna and even added in a ruler so you could measure the catch of the day to tie it all in!


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