The Client

LA Training is a fitness center that is dedicated to helping their clients reach their full, physical potential. The gym is made up of 9 trainers each with different backgrounds and skills and also offers classes such as Latin Dance and Yoga.


Branding / Web Design / Apparel Design / Social Media Graphics / Mural Design


Objective + Solution

We were hired to develop branding that felt premium and classic and one that was either too feminine nor masculine. We were asked to design a brand that could stand the test of time and one that wasn’t “trendy”. We wanted to also design a custom way to measure the potency and effects that that strain had on the body. Along with that scale, we designed custom icons to provide a visual reference for how you would feel. We the developed an entire packaging system from to-go containers for flowers, air tight exit bags, edible packaging, lighters and more. That look was used throughout print collatorial for letterheads, business cards, and presentation folders. We then took that feel and applied it to a new Squarespace with an online ordering option for cannabis delivery. Some additional designs also included large scale mural designs, presentation templates, social media designs and more.

LA Training example 5.jpg
LA training example.jpg
la train wall.jpg
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la training sports bra.jpg
la training bra.jpg