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Business Trip - NYC


This summer, we ventured to New York City for a client meeting/photoshoot. Our client is a musician in New York and we have been hired to develop a new website in addition to photography for marketing. 

About Carman Moore: Born in Lorain, Ohio and growing up in nearby Elyria, Carman Moore earned his Bachelor of Music Degree at Ohio State Univ. before moving to New York City, where he studied composition privately with Hall Overton and at the Juilliard School with Luciano Berio and Vincent Persichetti where he earned his Masters Degree with distinction. Moore then began composing for symphony and chamber ensembles while writing lyrics for pop songs, gradually adding opera, theatre, dance and film scores to his body of work.  His work in popular music included lyrics and arrangements for ex-Rascals leader Felix Cavaliere both on Cavaliere’s first solo album FELIX CAVALIERE, his second DESTINY, and on the Foghat single “Rock’n’Roll Outlaws.”

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