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Community - Street Piano


We were very excited to launch another Street Piano in downtown Bangor, Maine. With the help of Rusted Raven Furniture and friends and family, we rolled out our second Street Piano for the public to enjoy. 

We were inspired to launch this project after seeing a video of a homeless gentelman out of Vancouver, who came across a piano on the sidewalk. He sat down and played the most beautiful music! After seeing this video, we wondered how much hidden talent is out there? What if everyone had access to an instrument? That is what brought us to our Street Piano project. Originally launched in 2015, we are launched our second May 7th, 2016. We were fortunate to have the owners of Central Street Farmhouse let us use their pocket park and to the Maine Discovery Museum for allowing us to use their space to renovate the piano. A big thank you to MPBN for covering the launch! 

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