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Back To School

Author: Andrea Beaulieu

Author: Andrea Beaulieu


I am headed back to school at the age of 37. I am a mother of 2, work full-time running Studio Linear and have approximately 3 minutes a day of free time yet I am dusting off my trapper keeper and am ready to start learning. 


Okay well I'm not technically "Going" to school but taking courses online. Sara and I decided to launch a new branch of design at Studio Linear, Spatial Design. This is the design of "Space" such as interior design, exterior design, landscape design etc. I already went to college for Landscape Architecture so it is time to make sure we clearly understand what is not only trending in Interior and Exterior design but to learn commercial design (restaurants!). We already design branding, menus, websites and print materials, it was time to add this new branch to our clients. 

I am beginning a 24 week course with the New York Institute of Art and Design dedicated to Interior Design and then an advanced module course in Commercial Design. At the end of the courses, I take my big exam to become accredited by the Design Institute of America. Once I have this accreditation, we are planning on really starting to advertise our new services. 

Sara and I grew up in a household that centered around design. Our dad is an architect so we were bombarded with design knowledge at a very young age, even if we didn't appreciate it at the time! We are taking that knowledge to the next level and expanding.