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Bags For Bangor


A few years ago, we started a program called Bags For Bangor based off of a social media post we came across about blessing bags. These are clear plastic ziplock bags full of items we used everyday and are distributed to the homeless population in the Bangor region. For years, we have been collecting items donated from the community, from businesses, from non-profits and individuals who want to help out.

Every year around this time here in Maine, the temps drop and it is a cruel reminder just how brutal it is outside if you have no shelter. Can you imagine not having a warm home to go to after being out in this cold? Or to have frozen fingers and toes with no way to protect them? Or to be a parent and see you child hungry with no way to provide for them? These are all the reasons we started this program, to help the people in our community that are in need of items that we take for granted everyday. 


Last year, we approached the city of Bangor with a proposition to place a distribution bin in a local park where we could stock bags when we have donation to fill them. The city said yes and in Pickering Square, you will see a small, metal, upcycled newspaper bin (which was kindly donated to us from the Bangor Daily News). In this bin, we try to fill with these bags. They don't last long as they are snatched up as quickly as we place them inside. Around this time of year, we try to focus on items that will help in the winter months- hand and feet warmers, hats and mittens, blankets, dehydrated soup mixes etc. In the summer months we tend to try to collect items such as sunscreen, water, granola bars etc. 

We are asking the generous community of Bangor to help us again with your donations! We are gathering mittens, hats, hand and feet warmers, food such as granola bars and dehydrated soups, really anything you can think that would make someone warmer and happier this time of year. The Dollar Store has very affordable fleece mittens and hats, Walmart has very affordable fleece blankets and of course we always take hand knit items!!

If you or your business would like to make a donation, please contact us to arrange for pick up and thank you so much!