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The Client

In the late 1980s, Liz and Art were well ahead of their time in envisioning the need for wildlife habitat beyond national parks and protected areas.  Few recognized back then the critical role that local communities must play in the protection of large landscapes, and the importance of addressing people’s needs and aspirations alongside those of nature. Liz and Art’s generosity helped launch many innovative and successful projects from East Africa to India, and Southeast Asia to the Americas. Whether in Madagascar, Sumatra or the northern Rockies, they recognized a universal truth – that people and nature must find a way to thrive in harmony if either is to survive in the future.


Web Design

 Objective + Solution

We were hired to create a new site for this amazing foundation. It was important for us to showcase the wildlife that benefits from this foundation. We also wanted to restructure the new site to make it more user-friendly for people to find grant information. (site in progress)

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