404 Error - You Look Lost


What is a 404 error page?

A 404 Page is a page you come to on a website indicating that your destination page does not exist. In other words, you tried to view a page on a website that doesn’t exist anymore.

On average, the primary causes of 404s are:

  • Direct, Typo, Email, Bookmarks - 45.87%

  • Referrals & Social Networks - 30.26%

  • Broken Link On Your Website - 17.58%

  • Search Engine - 6.3%

Most website platforms have a default 404 error page and some, like Squarespace, allow for you to create your own custom 404 page just in case someone was to land on this page, you can customize it to your brand.

Do I need a custom 404 page?

You certainly do not, however, on average, 73% of people who reach a 404 error on your website will leave your site and only 23% of those people will view your page after a 404 page is reached. What does that mean? Well, think about the lost sales or views on your website, what if you added a search bar on your 404 page so that someone could search for the missing content or even add a contact form to reach out to you to request the missing content, this could help tremendously in keeping that viewer on your site. We recommend even adding a few links as suggestions for the viewer because even if what they were looking for is no longer available, perhaps by adding a few suggestions, you have provided content of interest to this viewer which in return, keeps them on your site, viewing what you have to offer.

Examples of well designed 404 pages

How do I create a 404 page?

In this video, we are going to teach you how to create a 404 page on your Squarespace website. There are 2 videos to choose from below. If your site is currently built in 7.0 (this includes all the older themes such as Brine, Pacific etc.). this is the video for you. If your site is built in the newer platform 7.1, we have created a video to show you as well.

Step-By-Step Video for 7.1

Step-By-Step Video for 7.0 (most common platform, uses themes such as Brine, Pacific etc.)


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