Bandit Film - A Case Study

Bandit film is located in NYC and LA with studios filled with talented editors and producers creating some of the best editorial and post-production works on TV and Film.


The Request: Bandit contacted us to create an entirely new, custom Squarespace website for their studio. They wanted the ability to be able to edit the site with ease to showcase their rotating portfolio of work, Squarespace allowed us to not only create a completely custom site but it gave our clients that ability to edit. The team wanted to make sure that the site could have the capability to play and customize video for the site. They wanted a site that could also autoplay their company montage as the first impression a visitor would see.

The Process: Working with a creative studio such as Bandit was so much fun. They created completely unique imagery for the site, take a look at their Editor Pages, they created a very cool GIF of a photo of each of them ripping apart as a creative way to show each member.

We worked with our developer, Alex, to take our designs and bring them to life. It was important to make sure the mobile side of the site was visually just as engaging as the desktop version so often multiple designs were created and handed off to develop. Squarespace by nature is responsive yet when you dive deep into customizations, it is vital to create multiple designs for different screen sizes when coding the new site.

It was a fun project for us, being able to watch most all of their video work was amazing. Their fun and creative side to their work was something we wanted to make sure would shine through with this new site.


Customizing Squarespace To Its Fullest Potential


The homepage features a custom grid with and autoplay lightbox, a responsive connecting piece between the Featured Work text and the buttons under the work grid, a custom footer and custom mobile menu. The site also switches between black and white backgrounds from Who We Are to other interior pages which required us to customize the color of the logo, navigation and footer. The footer is also a customized element, giving it a unique angle.

For the interiore pages, we designed a bold text that could overlay the videos on each page. This text is a custom element along with the editors name.

Each Editors page features a custom layout, GIF and functionality when a video is played.


The video enlarges to play the video from the corresponding grid and when it finishes and is closed out…


The editor’s name appears and replaces the GIF image. The bold text that breaks oddly is completely intentional, allowing for a unique way to showcase each editor.



The Result

We are often asked if Squarespace is a good platform for customizing over CMS such as Wordpress or Shopify and we love to show this project as an example of its potential. Not only did it provide the client with a platform that they can edit themselves, it also allowed is to be as creative as we wanted in terms of design and build simply using the Custom CSS and Code Infection features built right into their dashboard.


Introducing POS on Squarespace


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