Growing Up In Maine

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Most weekends growing up, were spent camping. We were fortunate that we lived within driving distance of Baxter State Park where we would spend a lot of time hiking, exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. When we were little, we didn’t always think we were so lucky though. We grew up on PBS, mostly Reading Rainbow, were not allowed to play video games and were told to go outside and just play if we ever complained of being bored.

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I am 3 years older than my sister Sara which made for some very interesting battles over who would get to ride in the front seat of the car on the way to the grocery store or who would get to stay up later on school nights. Though it seemed we were at each other’s throats most of the time, looking back, it was a pretty normal game of sibling rivalry.

Our dad is an architect and when we were younger, he used to have us play this game while we waiting in the car for our mom to run into the store, instead of “I Spy That Color” we got “I Spy That Architectural Genre Of Design”, fun fun! We also had art lessons most weekends where he would set up a still life and teach us about a new medium such as oil pastels or watercolor. We spent a lot of time running the halls of the studio where he worked, surrounded by blueprint machines, rulers and drafting tables. Our mom loved to design abstract quilts and she even dyed her own fabrics and created large scale pieces of art that hung in the halls of our schools and local libraries where we lived.

Though we were raised under the same roof, we are very different from each other, almost like a yin and yang. Sara is very analytical and organized where Andrea is off the cuff and impulsive. Never in a million years would we even have thought we were going to run a design agency together. Our mom and dad always encouraged us to follow our passions. Andrea went onto college for Music and Landscape Architecture while Sara went to college for Marine Biology and Education, with no formal training in design or running a business, it seemed like a pretty far stretch to launch a business let alone see it thrive but what we may have lacked in formal design education we made up for in kindness and a deep passion to step out of the box and do something different. It has been this drive that has enabled us to grow to where we are now, to create a team of talented women who share a love for design. Having the childhood we did, though it seemed annoying when we were younger, it was the backbone of who we are today: hardworking, creative and eager to keep learning and evolving.

-Andrea B.

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