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The Client

North Country was started by two brothers who were looking for an apple cider that was simply delicious without the use of artificial flavors and preservatives. They couldn’t find one that was being made so they decided to start their very own business, creating an all natural cider made with wild apples collected in Maine and New Hampshire. They now have a tasting room located in Rollinsburg, NH and sell their cider all over the country.


Branding / Web Design / Package / Signage / Photography

Objective + Solution

We were tasked with developing brand identity for North Country that could reflect the simplicity of their cider. We used an apple tree as our inspiration and created the illustrated logo. We then were asked to create packaging for their ciders, each has botanical elements and illustrations of ingredients used in the ciders. We continue to work with North Country in developing new labels and the best part is, we are fortunate enough to sample the ciders (for research purposes of course). We also created a website for them to let their fans know where they can locate the cider on tap and by the can.

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