5 Pre-Roll Packaging Designs That Will Instantly Boost Your Brand Awareness
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5 Pre-Roll Packaging Designs That Will Instantly Boost Your Brand Awareness

Pre-roll packaging is the next level of convenience for cannabis joints, blunts, and cones. But more than just cool design, there are some details you need to pay attention to. Here is some top-tier pre roll design that you should not miss out on!

Pre-roll packaging design is a fun way for your brand to stand out on the shelf from competitors. The more attractive and eye-catching it is, the higher the chance customer will buy from you. But don’t forget the importance of compliant packaging and how that will impact the design.

With these products, businesses can start experiment with new packaging that gives a mesmerizing display. However, we understand that as the law is a bit tricky from place to place, it’s really hard to make a good decision from the first time. In this article, we will show you 5 cool pre-roll packaging designs that will shine the spotlight on your business to gain more market share. With no further ado, let’s get right to it!

Pre-roll packaging ideas:

Before we think about what creative elements we can add to packaging, let's first look at the function. Some pre-roll containers are designed to withstand travel or long shelf life. Most are childproof to remain compliant but understand the usage that your consumer would gravitate towards will impact the packaging choice.

Pre-Roll Paper Tubes

Pre-roll paper tubes are a brilliant idea for brands that want to make sure their product has the convenience of portability. The main material is paperboard but can also be plastic, which is sturdy enough to keep your pre-rolls safe and sound. Paper tubes are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, so fully customizing them is easy peasy. With paper tubes pre-roll packaging, you’ll immediately have an eco-friendly product. We find it best to opt for bright, eye-catching, and trendy graphics to make your brand pops. Additionally, with a slim profile, it’s just perfectly right to seal the freshness of your marijuana products.

Pre-Roll Tin Packaging

Using metal is another great idea for your pre-roll packaging to really boost portability. It’ll give your brand a chic, elegant look while remaining very portable. We have also seen tin packaging having an enormous impact on purchasing behavior simply based on first impressions. The tin looks so good that it is hard to resist when seeing it on the shelves plus it can be used for other products once you have finished smoking your pre-rolls. Tin pre-roll packaging can be shaped into any size and shape. But the most-used ones are round tube or rectangular boxes. Moreover, most manufacturers will allow you to choose the color you want for your tin packaging, so it makes the best match to your brand identity. The main reason for tin boxes to be so favorable by both brand and customers is their ability to protect the products against being damaged, or crushed. And in most cases, these tin can be repurposed, or you can sell “refill” products for customers to choose from.

Pre-Roll Bags & Pouches

Although it’s as visually attractive and has a premium sense as previous options, bags and pouches have always been the market’s top choice. It’s both cost-effective and easy to use in most cases. Marijuana bags or pouches are made due to FDA regulations and can be printed with graphics to mark your brand identity. Pre-roll bags and pouches are a useful barrier that provides remarkable resistance against oxygen while preserving the flavor, aroma of your marijuana pre-rolls. Moreover, those bags are really easy to customize in sizes, ziplock, or other features that benefit your customers. The packaging is flexible, durable, protective, and perfect enough to maintain convenience and re-usability.

Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes

Child-proof pre-roll packaging is becoming the norm these days. These high-quality pushes and turn tubes are good for protecting your joints while keeping them away from the child’s reach.It’s simple to use, very cost-effective, and can now be customized to the design of your choice. This pre-roll packaging is odor-resistant and proves to be an optimal solution for locking in the product’s freshness.

Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes

Let’s take child-proof pre-roll packaging to another level. Pop-top tubes are also child-resistant, but more effective in keeping your cones air-tight and waterproof. The only problem with this pre roll packaging is its limitation in customize design. Sure you can use label or print to make it catchy, but further choices are unavailable with pop-top tubes.

Additional pre-roll packaging tips:

The need for offering pre-rolls is increasing, along with the competition among the cannabis business, and packaging is one of the most determining factors for most customers when choosing products. The packaging of the pre-rolls plays an important role in delivering high-quality marijuana products to the customers that are convenient and super portable.

Stylish and unique personalized pre-roll boxes are becoming customer favorites

Creating highly appealing pre roll packaging is one of the critical tasks when developing a cannabis brand. Our best advice is to choose a unique shape for designing your boxes to catch the attention of the customers. This will differentiate you from other no matter online or on the shelf. Making sure the design is sleek and transports well is definitely something to keep in mind.

Make sure health precautions are listed on boxes according to government instructions.

With most cannabis packaging, you should never forget precautions listing. This will help you stay far away from problems with government rules, and save you a whole lot of money. We’ve already met many customers who didn't realize this step when creating their design, as well as other details according to the laws. If you are struggling to understand these strict regulations, it’s best to find a professional agency like Studio Linear to help with this process.

The packaging design should be consistent with brand guidelines

Never confuse your customers with your own pre roll packaging. Imagine if you appear online to be a completely different person from you in real life, how weird would it feel? The same rule applies to cannabis branding, everything you put out there must align with your brand guidelines for the best impacts.

Studio Linear: your top choice for cannabis packaging

We deeply understand the struggle of many new business owners with their pre roll packaging design. Since it’s an important aspect of every cannabis brand, it’s better to allow the professional to help you out. Studio Linear is a great choice for the US and global cannabis start-ups since we offer a lot of branding solutions. Come and check out our work here and let us know if you’re ready for a collaboration!

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