7 Benefits of CBD Oil for Women vs. Alcohol

CBD's health benefits have been proven through many studies, and we must say that it’s amazing for our mind-body wellness. Did you know that CBD is actually a natural remedy for many women’s health problems? We understand that CBD is great for calming anxiety, stress, mood swings, skincare, lubricant, muscle recovery, and much more.

Recent research allows us to get to know more about CBD health benefits to truly involve it in our lives. There are a lot more about CBD health benefits that ladies shouldn’t miss out on. But don’t worry, we have it all listed down right here! Let’s jump right to it!

Understanding cbd oil

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a natural chemical found in the buds of cannabis plants, or bits of hemp. CBD oil can be extracted and used as tinctures, infused in gels, balms, or infused in food or drinks.

The timing has never be better. Cannabis sales added over $17.5bn in 2020 (According to Bussiness Insider). With uncertainty lurking around, CBD definitely brings more benefits to people around the world, especially for women.

7 CBD Health benefits for women:

Scientists are still conducting more studies on cannabis, but here are 7 benefits we have discovered so far. And we are happy to share, it’s more than just pain relief.

1. Help with Premenstrual syndrome and cramps

Ladies, we are happy to share you don’t have to suffer from menstrual cramps any longer. No one wants to go through those painful cramps and headaches, mood swings and bloating. Recent research has shown that one of the great CBD health benefits is to reduce those syndromes. Pain relief, improving your mood and increased relaxation will help you get through those days while feeling much better.

Alcohol can cause inflammation and bloating, in addition to dehydrating you, leading to increase in headaches.

2. Reduces anxiety

Although anxiety can happen to anyone, women are more likely to suffer from this condition than men. At many levels, anxiety can create severe impacts on one's quality of life, limiting them from enjoying every day to the fullest. But as many researchers have stated, CBD can actually help relieve those symptoms.

Studies have found that alcohol consumption actually increases anxiety.

3. treats autoimmune diseases

1 in every 5 American adults suffers from lupus, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, or many other autoimmune diseases. And among those, more than ¾ are women. Autoimmune diseases are the main reason many people have to withstand inflammation and pain. And luckily, cannabis is a great remedy to help with all of that. We personally use CBD oil to help alleviate our painful joint pain from RA.

Alcohol can cause inflammation, not help it. Essentially, the toxins in alcohol cause any autoimmune disease to become more severe.