Cannabis Branding Ultimate Guide: What You Should Do and Don’t

Updated: 6 days ago

If cannabis branding is what you’re searching for? Then you’ve come to the right place for it. Not only will we shower you with the essential guide for cannabis branding, but we will also share our Do's and Don'ts.

Cannabis has been a booming industry lately, especially with the help of millennials who are choosing cannabis over alcohol. With a non-stop expanding market, legal support, and the young, fascinating mindset about the usage of cannabis, this is your perfect time to consider launching that cannabis company you have been longing for.

With cannabis branding, don’t just sell, tell the story. Give people a look into who you are as a cannabis brand, staying authentic and true to the core. This approach is so important these days as more decisions in purchasing are done based on the trust of "give back" to either an organization, the planet or several other give back options.

The ultimate guide you’d ever need for cannabis branding

The first thing you should keep in mind is that branding for cannabis products, or any other, is so much more than just having a logo or a color palette. But what should you do next?

1. Understand your position

Take a seat, we have some questions you should ask yourself before stepping any further in this process. Knowing your brand position means you’re fully aware of your own product and business. This will help you identify yourself from others as your first step. Now, let's dive in:

  • How does your product either solve an issue or help the consumer to reach the desired effect?

  • What is the purpose of your new product line?

  • Why and how is your product unique, how could you differentiate it from others?

  • Is there anything in your marijuana product that only you can provide to your customers?

Though these are just a few questions to start, it is a solid kick start with cannabis branding: by knowing your position in the market. When we work with clients, we actually have a very robust brand audit that we have our clients fill out. This will be the first step in better understanding where your current brand either is or where you wish your new business to be.

2. Who are your audiences?

Knowing your customers is a critical step in a well-crafted brand. By understanding what your customers like or dislike, or other details about their shopping behavior will help your brand design and communication. We have a few more questions for you to think about, so take your time.

  • Who will be most likely to buy your product?

  • What aspect of your product fulfills their needs?

  • Does your product fit their personality and lifestyle?

Once you’ve got the answers to all these questions, you’d have quite a foundation to build your brand. We often like to include an exercise in brand messaging where we create these customers, these dream clients. We look at where he or she shops, what they listen to for music, what drives their purchasing decisions.

3. Your brand story

Who are you, why did you start doing this business and why would you offer these products to customers? These are things you should think of when creating a brand story. The more details you can show, the better. In this sophisticated digital world, the best way to conquer the heart and attention of customers is by having a really good story. Tell your story and connect to ones who resonate. And my friend, there is no shortcut when it comes to cannabis branding.