Cannabis Packaging: Why Creative Design Is so Vital For Branding?
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Cannabis Packaging: Why Creative Design Is so Vital For Branding?

Cannabis packaging, just like any other product design, plays a vital role in attracting new customers. Let’s be honest, how many times have you chosen a product for its incredible packaging design? Don’t think that a good quality product is enough, a bit more investment in packaging will help you go a much further journey. Especially with CBD business, packaging design can create a massive gap between a lawsuit and real deal profit.

But why is cannabis packaging so important? And how do you pull it off impressively enough to trigger customers? Keep scrolling, we have it all right here!

Why is cannabis packaging design so important?

CBD business is relatively new, yet it’s extremely competitive. Every company puts their best effort to establish the best product on the market, with a wide variation to choose from. However, the biggest mistake every business could make is forgetting packaging design. Why would we say that? Here are some of the reasons you should know about cannabis packaging design.

Cannabis packaging emphasizes your brand’s characteristics:

Packaging design holds the vital role of representing brand personality, thus acting as the perfect kick-off to enter the market. Nearly 90% of customers are affected by the first look at a typical product. By choosing the right color, graphics, and design, you’ll be able to show off your brand personality. Whether you’re playful, energetic, or serving health-concern purposes, your packaging design must show those details really well.

Thus, apart from different yourself from other competitors, you’re creating a visual experience for your potential customers. And every second the customer stops by to have a look, the more chances you have to convince them. The sale rule applies to cannabis packaging.

Help with brand communication

When it comes to CBD branding, a packaging design is more than just visual. It helps to bring your brand to life. As the trend is moving towards sustainability and functionality, keeping up with it will benefit you a lot more than a casual, bland design. Try to communicate through your design, attract people’s attention and tell your stories. All of those can be achieved through good cannabis packaging.

Packaging shows product quality

Yes, we know it sounds unfair. But do you ever want to have your hands on products that don’t look nice from the packaging? Just like love, sometimes you would bump into love at first sight. So why not create designs that people immediately fall for? Packaging is not just made to protect the product inside, but also to impress. The more professional and well-thought your cannabis packaging looks, the better chance people will consider buying it.

Help you stand out from your competitors

And last but not least, you’d want your brands and products to look exactly like your competitors. Standing out from the shelf is vital. It means you can catch people’s attention right away and increase your sales. Thus, good CBD branding will help you reach customers’ top of mind. Just imagine it as simple as this, once your customers become loyal to you, they’ll spit you out the quickest. Thus, you’ll be popping up on their mind first when speaking of the related subject. And we’re sure with you, that’s the goal every business is looking for.

How should you do it?

Now we’ve all understood why product design holds such an important role in CBD branding, let’s explore how to achieve that. Before anything else, all cannabis products must be FDA approved with the following details:

  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition facts
  • Product volume
  • Potency
  • Brand contact details and information

Alongside that crucial info, we’ll have something else you must keep an eye on.

Understand your target audience

Just like building any brand or business, understanding your market and audiences are incredibly vital. You must identify who will be most likely to buy your CBD products, their personality traits, and behavior. Based on that, you can adjust designs and let them speak to your class of customers. Not only does this help increase your brand value, but also can help you reach the right group of people that’ll be open to buying your products.

Meet customers’ expectation

After knowing your audience, you’ll have to understand what they expect when buying your products. Since they won’t just be judging your brand based on the product quality, but packaging also creates impacts. Thus, people will notice the feeling your product design brings, so don’t make it a designer weed bag, think more about the final customers.

By creating effective and powerful cannabis packaging, you can improve your branding and meet customers’ expectations.

Creativity and credibility

Building trust can take a lot of time. To actually stand out from the crowd, your cannabis packaging must be creative and brilliant from the first look. A creative design is great to impress thousands of customers. However, to actually gain trust is a whole different story. You’ll need to provide evidence and consistency through every piece of your design. From social media to websites and most importantly, your cannabis packaging.

Develop brand personality through design

Your brand personality is built by every one of your activities on the market. How you communicate online, how you express yourself through marketing activities and appearance on the market, they all add up. That’s why you should think about building a brand personality that customers can relate to and feel belonged to maximize the effectiveness. CBD branding should be strongly related to the experience and quality you’re trying to deliver. This will help you create a much stronger foundation to attract customers to the market.

Building a CBD brand takes the same effort as other industries, if not a little bit harder. To catch the attention of users right from the shelf, you should always do your best with your cannabis packaging. Hope that this article is useful for any business owner. If you’re looking for more informative blogs about cannabis in Maine, stay in touch with us!


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