CBD Package Design and Labeling Tips

Updated: Jul 11

CBD Package Design Hacks 7 Things You Should Do to Get Customers’ Attention!

CBD package design is one of the determining factors to attract customers, especially in a competitive industry like CBD. With all of their health benefits, hemp and cannabis are growing to be a billion dollars industry. And if you want a piece of that pie, starting with a good CBD package design is always the best first step. But what should you do with your CBD packaging? Here in this article, we’ll get you through all the necessary content and tricks for a better packaging design. With no further ado, let’s get right to it!

What components should your CBD package design include?

All CBD products must be approved by FDA thus federal regulation. So no matter you’re selling it as a supplement or food product, you’ll definitely need some special features on the design. Don’t know where to start yet? Here is what you need to have in your CBD package design.

1. Identity statement

You must show exactly what your product is, whether it’s a supplement, extract, oil, or anything. Don’t skip this, since it’s not only for your customer to quickly recognize what they’re picking up but also for FDA and legal.

2. Products net quantity

Just like other supplements or medical products, or even food products, the content volume must be stated clearly on the packaging. Try to include it right on your packaging to stay out of later fuss.

3. Ingredient information

This means you’ll have to list down in detail every single ingredient you have in your product, in descending order and base on the percentage of it. Stating ingredients help customers figure out if there is anything they might be allergic to or can’t consume.

4. Nutrition facts

If your CBD product is listed as edibles, then it’ll need decent nutrition facts. This should be just like any other food product, including nutritious information, calories, etc.

5. business information

This will be your business address, where the product is manufactured, social handles, web address and anything else relevant that provides the consumer with your business info should be used on the package design.

7 Tips for cannabis custom packaging design

Assuming that your product is topnotch, the next thing would be to have packaging that reflects the quality of the CBD product that you sell.

Imprints your brand personality

Depending on the niche you’re aiming at, you’ll have a group target audience that you should develop. Doing research to determine who your target audience is, their shopping behavior, etc will help guide the creative process for your designs.

Patterns and graphics to spice things up

Your project branding could come with a custom pattern created for you and these graphic patterns could be used on your packaging to really make it "pop".