Clio music feature

We were recently featured on CLIO MUSIC in their Art Of The Album publication, where owner Andrea Beaulieu, was interviewed on the topic of Music and Art.

"My childhood was full of music. From a young age—3rd grade, to be exact—I started piano lessons, which continued all through grade school and high school, and then I attended college for music composition. I played in many bands starting in 7th grade, playing in a friend's basement for hours practicing music by Green Day, Nirvana and other grunge-inspired music. I really wanted to be a rock star and had a family that encouraged that path. Music is in my blood, I suppose you could say. " -Andrea



Built on Clio’s enduring reputation for recognizing the most creative and culturally relevant marketing and communications, Clio Music celebrates the visceral power of music to connect consumers and brands around the world. The program was introduced in 2014 to award the creative contributions of the marketers and communicators that propel the industry forward, inspire a competitive marketplace of ideas and foster meaningful connections within the creative community. LEARN MORE >

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