Cool CBD Oil Packaging Design Trend in 2021

Cool CBD Oil Packaging Design Trend in 2021

CBD oil packaging designs are a topic of interest in the marijuana businesses these days. Since legalization in many states of the US and many other countries, CBD products began to show up and invade the shelves. Want to show off your CBD brand’s personality, a custom cannabis logo or CBD oil packaging? If you need some ideas on where to start with your designs, here are some inspiring CBD oil packaging design trends that will get you started.

1. Leafy CBD Oil Packaging

Using the pointy cannabis leaf could be absolutely cliché, but we can't ignore how effective it is. It is simple and, the most recognizable icon for your CBD products, not limited to just oil or vaporizers. Once customers take a look, they’ll know immediately what your product is about.

However, many brands have already included leafy images on their packaging. So the real challenge here is to still incorporate the most iconic icon to your brand identity, but with a creative twist. Creating custom patterns using the leaf is one way to make it unique to your brand. Also, using creative printing styles such as holographic foiling for the leaves will really make your packaging pop. You can take the leaf and incorporate it within your text as well, creating custom fonts. Or how about trying a cool mixed media style, using leaf photography layered with elements that are part of your brand.

2. Green Aesthetics

When it comes to CBD oil packaging designs, we have seen a shift away from using the color green on the packaging and a focus on unique color palettes but maybe there is still a place for this natural, cannabis color. With CBD products, customers are seeking products that are authentic or organic. Sticking with the color green is a straightforward way of conveying its natural origin. When it comes to using a green color, you’re not limited to just one or two-tone. You can have a wide variety of shades to play around with. Do you know that logos and brand color are the statement of your brand to the public? Adding the green aesthetic to your related creative weed logo will definitely have a lasting impression that can stand the test of time.

3. Healthy Inspiring Designs

Marijuana products are more and more focusing on health benefits than ever before. We’re seeing a huge trend of medical marijuana products in comparison to recreational marijuana. So why not take advantage of this trend and boost your brand awareness by utilizing this design trend. Try to be straightforward and showcase your ingredients in your product with a clean, minimalist design. When you think of packaging for medicine, it typically is very straightforward and void of embellishments. It shows what the ingredients are, dosage, benefits, usage, and other relative information so that you easily can see all the details about that product.

4. Minimal never goes wrong

You can never go wrong with minimalistic design. It’s one of the most popular and stylish looks you can add to your CBD and still looks good for years to come. Having a clean, contemporary design will give you a great advantage in comparison with other brands that have cluttered their packaging with too many elements. A minimal aesthetic will create a sense of professionalism and a trustworthy brand. Stylish minimal CBD oil packaging design also engages your brand with high-end, premium customers, leading to a better flow of profit. Let’s not forget that minimalistic CBD oil packaging designs are more convenient and discreet to serve customers who do not want to buy CBD products that scream out cannabis. Packaging designs with minimal aesthetic also work really well with skincare, balm, or tint-infused makeup with CBD oil.

5. Sustainable CBD oil packaging designs

In the past year, sustainable packaging has really grown in popularity, not just with CBD oil packaging. Sustainable designs are getting more and more recognition due to their contribution to the environment.

Customers nowadays really care about how a brand contributes to the world on so many levels. Based on that, using recycled materials or adding a special function to your packaging might be a great move. If you want to make your brand stand out in a competitive market, then this is a great choice. We partner with printers throughout the US who specialize in sustainable packaging from hemp-based paper to recycled glass for resin/flower packaging, we love their dedication to producing a product that is sustainable.

How to pack your CBD products

This is an extra tip, but we’re sure it’ll be useful for anyone who just started their cannabis business. While packaging design is your main focus, you shouldn’t forget about how you pack the package and ship it to your customers. The unboxing experience is a huge plus that shouldn't be ignored!