Joining 'Party Like a Marketer' Podcast: Guide the Growth of Cannabis Brand by Brand Voices
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Joining 'Party Like a Marketer' Podcast: Guide the Growth of Cannabis Brand by Brand Voices

This is not the first time Andrea joined a podcast episode. However, the excitement is still huge for both her and the Studio Linear team. We know the audience is eager for nothing but valuable information on cannabis branding. From the best practices to the rightful future of branding, Andrea Beaulieu will give you her full vision.

Featuring on Party Like a Marketer 20th episode, Andrea Beaulieu, our founder, will give you her full vision of cannabis branding. From the best practices to the bright future of branding, she will be sharing it all with the cannabis community. So, what’s good in this podcast?

Let’s get to know Party Like a Marketer first!

Party Like a Marketer is the Cannabis Marketing Association’s new series dedicated to in-depth conversations with cannabis marketers. Invitees are people that are breaking down stigma and changing the game of cannabis communications.

Founded in 2016 by the cannabis marketing executive Lisa Buffo, CMA, is aiming at bringing the cannabis marketing community together. It’s all about sharing best practices through collective knowledge while traditional paid media are unable to for the cannabis industry.

Nowadays, joining CMA is not based solely on cannabis expertise, but can also involve start-ups that want to know more about the process. Building, sustaining, and growth, all are under the highest marketing standard. Here, there is no competition, just a community helping each other grow through certain difficulties.

What’s going on in this episode?

Andrea is featured on the 20th episode of Party Like a Marketer, and it’s all about guiding the growth by using brand voices. There is a lot of great information you can find in this podcast.

1/ A little bit about Studio Linear

As an introduction to the audience, Lisa had some fascinating questions about the start of Studio Linear. It’s not a usual starting point for the cannabis industry, but very few people knew we used to work in the music field at first.

Studio Linear started as a night-time job of our founder, but things eventually grew by word of mouth. We are a female-owned creative agency specializing in cannabis and CBD branding. It’s fascinating that we are now based in Maine, but working remotely all over the U.S.

2/ Insider look at our inspirational name

Many of our clients asked about our name, and Lisa brought the question to the table. If you haven’t known, Andrea first didn’t name it Studio Linear. The real first version you must find on the podcast, we won’t sneak it. But Studio Linear was her dad’s idea. When Andrea came to him to talk about her thought of expanding the company, vision, and all, it just popped up. Want more details? Go listen to Andrea’s sharing right here!

3/ Starting your own business by owning a brand voice first!

As we’ve warmed it all up, the conversation goes on to the main subject: cannabis branding. Lisa first brought up and asked if there is any advice for business owners who first started with the cannabis business. “One thing I know that I can recommend is having a Clear Vision for who you are.” - said Andrea. Later, she soon explained more about these aspects.

But the foremost that she mentioned in the podcast is about brand voice. She said having your brand voice and message is critical. Those shall be the spine for most of your creative and marketing activities. And as much as you could, represent those messages and work for them.

She also mentioned part of the process that most agencies kept a secret about. It’s the price. But to save your time, there is an expected number you should know before getting started. On each project, an agency will invest their resources to meet your needs. So the cost for creativity is hardly ever low. Studio Linear can adjust them to your expectation, but it would normally be around the comfort of $4-5000.

4/ Is branding just about the logo?

Although many people assume that branding is mostly about the logo, that is completely not true! The logo is a crucial part, but that’s not all of it. According to Andrea, branding is more like a do and don’t guideline first, then it’s about communicating what you have in your hands to your audiences. Here at Studio Linear, we have to turn down “just the logo” requests to make sure our clients understand the necessity of having the right material for branding.

However, with most requests, we can really help from the beginning of your journey. If you haven’t made up your mind about your brand name, voices, Studio Linear can dive into it and figure it out. We’ll make sure your brand is close to your idea and expectation.

And to top it off, Andrea continues to share about our working process. The most important thing at first is to make sure we’re on the same page, so there will be some paper to fill up. She called this a “fun, homework type of item that helps us in those initial stages.”

5/ How to maintain compliance from state to state?

Next up, it’s hard not to mention the compliance among states. The cannabis industry is still handling many restrictions from the government, so understanding all of those are crucial. Of course, our clients couldn’t know it all, there is a lot of work on them. But according to Andrea, it’s our job to let them know what they should do with branding to meet up those regulations. Keeping our client away from faults like that are vital to Studio Linear.

6/ And there is so much more!

In the later part of the podcast, Lisa and Andrea continue to touch more on the cannabis industry. The story goes on about packaging, creative and most importantly, products. As there are still plenty of gaps in the market, crafting up a unique product will tap on so many consumers' needs. The details? You should enjoy the podcast with Lisa and Andrea to find out!

If there are any business owners, or anyone who is freshly getting started with cannabis, have questions or need our support, don’t hesitate to contact us. Like CMA, we’re longing for the expansion and growth of the industry. So nothing would excite us more than empowering entrepreneurs.

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