The lost kitchen

Updated: Feb 1

If you haven't heard of it already, The Lost Kitchen is now part of the new Magnolia channel by Joanna Gaines on Discovery + and growing in the spotlight with articles about their restaurant in The New york Times, Food and Wine, and Forbes. Their restaurant has entertained such guests as Martha Stewart even.

About The Lost Kitchen

To say that the Lost Kitchen is just about this evening’s dinner, or the glory of any particular dish, would be to diminish the experience. From the arrival at the old mill, to the hidden wine cellar; from the first glimpse of the unpretentious, gracious dining room to the last warm farewell from Erin French and her attentive staff; it all adds up to a celebration of creativity, excellence, and genuine hospitality. Freedom is the location of the Lost Kitchen and it is also French’s current state of mind. “I figured out how I want to live my life and I’m so happy. I’m right where I’m supposed to be,” she says.

Branding and Packaging

We worked with The Lost Kitchen in 2020, to create a new branding system full of new typography, illustrations, color palette in addition to packaging such as recipe cards, notecards, to-go bags and more.