Understand the Importance of CBD Packaging Design: What It is and The Benefits.

Updated: Jul 11

Understand the Importance of CBD Packaging Design: What Is It and Its Benefits.

Interested in learning about CBD packaging? Or how about what is CBD is and how it differs from THC? What about the benefits of adding CBD to your daily routine? We have these answers in addition to some tips on packaging CBD products should you be interested in launching your own line.

The CBD industry is undoubtedly growing extremely fast. In the US, a majority of states have legalized CBD consumption for medical purposes which means more and more businesses are popping up every day to sell this hot commodity. That’s when packaging design and marketing became more and more vital to this niche. In this article, we’ll help you better understand CBD and the importance of packaging design to the industry.

What is CBD?

CBD is related to marijuana but there are some pretty big differences when comparing to two.

CBD or cannabidiol is the second most prevalent ingredient in cannabis, thus it’s now the most essential element of medical marijuana. In fact, CBD comes from hemp, which is closely related to the marijuana plant. However, it doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects and can’t make you high. And the only hemp with less than 0.3% of THC can be allowed to use for medical purposes.

CBD has some wonderful health benefits! It has been proven to act as pain relief and can soothe anxiety, depression, and stress. CBD can also be the next new sleeping disorder treatment.

Why is CBD packaging design so important?

This is one of the most common questions we receive when working in the industry. Most rookie CBD entrepreneurs do not fully understand the importance of good branding and good product experience, but let this be your helping hand.

1. Protect your content

The most obvious benefit of CBD packaging is to help to ensure everything inside is in good condition. Good CBD packaging design will help protect your content on and off the shelf. CBD oil should be protected from direct sunlight so making sure the bottle and packaging provide some protection ensures it stays pure and protected.

2. Enhance your potential on the market

Just imagine you’re new to CBD and want to try it, what would you choose first? As humans, our instinct is to make purchases based on what is not only inside the box but what the design looks like on the outside of the box. That’s why you need a nice, clean, and stand-out CBD packaging design. Besides having good quality products, investing a little more in your cannabis packaging will help tell your brand's story and reach your target audience.

3. Boost your credibility

As you’ve already experienced with your personal shopping preferences, a brand with top-notch packaging design provides a professional appearance and one that your customer will trust. Your CBD packaging design is like an introduction at the first meeting with customers, if you’re doing it right, that first impression will impress and lead to a sale.

4. Gain your reputation

When jumping into the B2C market or B2B market, no matter what niche you’re serving, reputation is one of your main goals. Good-looking design and a great customer experience are some of the greatest ways to build your reputation. It creates a strong impression on how people see your product and defines your brand. And as business owners, we know that no one wants to give off a bad impression, especially in this rapidly growing market. Sticking to something authentic, a message that connects to your audience will help build that trust and grow your reputation as a business to rely on.