Workshop2: Let's Dive In

Workshop2: Let's Dive In


Are you ready to take your Squarespace site to the next level? If you have taken our previous workshop in getting the basics of your Squarespace site setup, then it is time to get into the design and customization of your new site. In this course, you will be diving into the Design Site Styling that Squarespace offers in addition to learning how to add a few neat CSS customizations to your site. This is a course for people who already have their Squarespace site ready to go, if you do not, we highly recommend looking at our first workshop, Bite The Bullet. We like to have fun here at Studio Linear so this course will be lighthearted and easy to follow and you can view at your own pace, anytime.

We will be covering:

  1. Customizing with Style Editor

  2. Adding a blog to your site

  3. Adding CSS to the Advanced CSS section

  4. Exploring Promotions and Marketing

  5. Adding Social Media Blocks

  6. Optional Integrations (OpenTable and Aquity)

  7. Connecting to Mailchimp

  8. Embedding a Third-Party Platform

  9. Built in SEO and beyond

  10. Exploring Squarespace Analytics

  11. Selecting a Subscription

  12. Connecting-to or Buying a Domain

  13. Setting Your Site Live

  14. Exploring Squarespace E-mail Campaigns

And more! Again, this is a great course for people that are ready to take their existing site to the next level and go live when you are ready. If you wish to have an e-commerce site or online store, our next course will cover Creating Products. Just as with all of our courses, you can take this at your own pace and it will never expire.

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