Saint & Citizen Record Label

We recently wrapped up branding for a new hip hop record label, Saint & Citizen. We are now working on a completely custom Editor X website which will be going live late spring.

Our approach

Long gone are the days of just being record label. The ever-changing-market of the music industry, requires an evolution from a record label to a sound label. Saint & Citizen is navigating these uncharted territories, exploring virtual events, promoting artists through new tools, and looking to expand into a more immersive musical experience for their artists and listeners.

We were approached to develop a brand for Saint & Citizen and one that could reflect this changing market. We approached the design with the exploration of new typography that would have movement to show the growth of the industry. We wanted to convey the uniqueness of this brand and created the messaging "Sound Label" to set them apart from the ordinary. Little details such as the numbers 33/84 represent their location based in longitude and latitude. Creating brand animation was a must. Digital assets beyond the animated branding included social media design, IG stories and a custom website built in Editor X. Physical products we created to market the company included album covers and apparel design in the form of t-shirts, hoodies and custom totes. We hope through our brand and marketing that we are able to propel this new sound label for many years to come as we all learn to adapt to an ever-changing music industry.

Here is what we have started for their new website, check back soon for the completed project!