Trending in cannabis

2021 opened the doors for many states to legalize cannabis and as more and more areas are following suit, the growing market of cannabis/CBD is taking over many industries. We are seeing a shift away from alcohol and now entering into a world of CBD/THC infused beverages. We are seeing more products geared towards women and love what we are seeing trending in this growing market.

So what are some of the new trends in the cannabis market these days?

Cannabis branding Trends:

1. Beyond the pot leaf

We have all seen it, that iconic little pot leaf used on cannabis products, heck, we have even designed packaging with the leaf but we see a shift in design that is forcing creatives to think beyond the leaf, to create designs that embrace a feeling, not just an ingredient.

2. Rustic is dull

Years ago, it was all about the kraft paper, typewriter fonts and "organic" vibe for cannabis and we are not only thankfully not seeing this anymore but we have clients specifically ask to NOT create anything that has "that" look. We are seeing designs now that are as vibrant as its users, good bye to the hippie feel and hello to the new, modern market.

3. More offerings

It used to be all about the flower but we are being asked to create designs beyond this, branding and packaging for so much more than a little flower canister. We create packaging for tinctures, edibles, CBD infused drinks, vape pens, resin and more. As this market takes off, we feel so will all the choices you will have to pick from.

4. Premium state of mind

A lot of clients come to us with a premium cannabis product and they want that represented in their designs. This means more elaborate creative packaging, things like gold foiling, holographic foiling, custom packaging, premium sustainable materials for the packaging and a more in depth user experience.

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